The Sutton Way


This group has been set up to understand the way our council have branded schemes as “The Sutton Way” and work together as residents to negotiate what this means, how it impacts us and what we can do to have an impact and work with our council.

We are a page to post on areas about Environmental Impacts, Street Schemes, Consultations, FOI responses, Personal Impacts and the likes and also how we can make improvements and suggestions whether this be about reducing cars/journeys, how we can increase active travel, improvements to our infrastructure, reducing pollution, reducing littering and how to ensure our high streets are saved. Where can our public money be spent to better improve our borough and neighbourhoods.

As a collective we may be able to help our council understand our common frustrations, offer up ideas, share our concerns, offer alternative solutions and enable them to listen to residents.

We all want a better, more pleasant, greener and cleaner environment to make our London Borough of Sutton great again.